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We are very proud (our company is as feminine as our products and it is formed only by girls), having been pioneers in introducing PELVIMAX, the first & quot; bolas Chinese pharmacy & quot; in the Spanish health channel in 2009. As before, the Chinese balls were only sold in sex shops, there were people who called us unconscious (we We preferred “brave” & a few others called us crazy (we chose by “visionaries”) for introducing this type of product in pharmacies and cooperatives Spanish pharmaceutical companies. But our commitment was firm. We had a fair budget that we compensated with enthusiasm and eager to work hard for improve female intimate health From the beginning, the reception of PELVIMAX among gynecologists and midwives was very positive and soon we became a national reference of products aimed at improving health intimate of the woman. So, following the wake of PELVIMAX, we soon launched into the market PELVIMAX MINI, followed by INTIMAX and more recently PELVICUP until completing our small family of products. Our commitment to intimate female health is unwavering. Thanks for having us helped to get here and for being the engine that continues to drive our growth!


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    Frequently asked questions

    How can I know if I should get PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI to perform my pelvic floor strengthening exercises?

    Your specialist will recommend the most suitable product for you after an assessment of the condition of your pelvic floor. As a general rule, we recommend that women who have not yet reached menopause and have a normal vaginal introitus (vaginal entry) use PELVIMAX. PELVIMAX MINI will probably be your adequate therapy if you have already reached menopause, if you have a narrow vaginal introitus (usually women who suffer discomfort or pain during intercourse), if you suffer from excessive vaginal dryness or if you have vaginal atrophy. To achieve an easier and more comfortable introduction of the spheres (either PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI), we recommend the use of INTIMAX, an intimate water-based moisturizing gel. INTIMAX is ideal for the introduction of spheres since its aqueous base does not damage the silicone from which they are made. Other gels can deteriorate said silicone.

    Why are the spheres of PELVIMAX united and those of PELVIMAX MINI are individual?

    Over time, the pelvic floor musculature weakens and therefore it is more difficult to maintain the weight of the spheres in the vagina. That is why we recommend that women who have reached menopause use PELVIMAX MINI, as these spheres have a weight and size smaller than those of PELVIMAX. In addition, the individual use of the spheres makes therapy even easier and more bearable. Being two individual spheres of different weight and size, PELVIMAX MINI will allow you to perform progressive therapy as you increase the weight and size of the sphere you use as you get results.

    My gynecologist recommended me to use PELVIMAX but I have a hard time retaining the second sphere inside the vagina. Is this normal?

    The degree of difficulty you encounter in trying to retain the spheres inside the vagina is directly related to the condition of your pelvic floor. The more weakened the muscles of your pelvic floor, the greater the difficulty in retaining the spheres within. Do not worry if you can not hold the two spheres inside the vagina for a long time at the beginning of treatment. The important thing is to perform the exercises with assiduity and perseverance gradually increasing the duration of use because only then will real progress be made. The majority of women who fail to retain the two spheres for a long time at the beginning of treatment, manage to do so in the course of 3 or 4 months using PELVIMAX with perseverance and discipline. However, as an alternative and provided that the condition of your pelvic floor is far from optimal, you can cut the cord that joins the two spheres of PELVIMAX in order to perform the exercises with a single sphere, which will be much easier and bearable. If even using a single sphere does not manage to retain it inside the vagina, please consult your specialist. It is possible to recommend the use of PELVIMAX MINI since both the size and weight of these individual spheres is lower than those of PELVIMAX

    Once I have the spheres of PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI inside, how do I perform the Kegel exercises?

    When you insert the PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI spheres into the vagina, the Kegel exercises are performed automatically when you stand up and start walking. This is because in vertical position, the spheres tend to descend by the force of gravity so you will have to contract the muscles of the pelvic floor to prevent them from coming out. This contraction that you will perform unconsciously to prevent the spheres from falling implies implicitly the correct performance of the Kegel exercises. Your only effort to perform the Kegel exercises correctly and effectively will be to concentrate on not spilling the spheres!

    If you do not experience any improvement after 12 weeks, please contact your specialist.

    How are PELVIMAX and PELVIMAX MINI different from the so-called Chinese balls?

    There are many types of Chinese balls currently whose manufacturing materials are often of low quality. The material used in the PELVIMAX and PELVIMAX MINI spheres is high quality hypoallergenic silicone. Chinese balls have as their main mission to provide pleasurable sensations to those who use them. This explains why the channels where they are sold are sex shops. Although it is true that a considerable number of women find PELVIMAX and PELVIMAX MINI pleasant, the only objective for which our spheres have been developed is to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor avoiding and treating a long list of medical problems. associated with weakened pelvic muscles. PELVIMAX and PELVIMAX MINI are health products sold exclusively in pharmacies and parapharmacies and have passed strict sanitary controls before reaching your hands

    How long should I use PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI?

    We recommend that you follow the instructions of your specialist. As a general rule, the recommended daily use time for PELVIMAX and PELVIMAX MINI is a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of one hour divided into two sessions a day as shock therapy. As maintenance therapy (once the initial symptoms have started to subside) use PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI two or three times a week. It is important that while using PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI do not lie down or sit down; you must move (walk at a gentle pace) so that the weights that are located inside the spheres emit the vibrations that help strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor.

    How should I care for the PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI spheres?

    It is very important that before and after each use wash the spheres with warm water and neutral soap. Rinse abundantly and let the spheres air dry or dry with a cloth that does not give off any residue. Do not use lubricants that are not water based as it may damage the silicone of the spheres.

    Should I sterilize the spheres before using them?

    It is not necessary to sterilize the spheres. Due to the delicate nature of the silicone with which the spheres are coated, if you immerse them in boiling water or sterilize them with alcohol or other products, you will cause damage to the material.

    How long will I know if my exercise program with PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI is giving results?

    The results will depend on the initial state of your pelvic floor when you start using PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI. The first results may be visible after 2 weeks of the beginning of its use. However, the final results will be given within 4 weeks to 3 months. Remember that the effectiveness of the results will depend to a great extent on the discipline and perseverance with which you perform your exercises. It is very important that you incorporate the practice of pelvic exercises with PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI to your usual routine of exercises in order to maximize results.

    How should I use INTIMAX with my PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI spheres?

    The use of INTIMAX is very simple. Just apply a little gel on the spheres and at the entrance of the vagina. With a small amount, the introduction of spheres will be much easier

    Can I also use INTIMAX in my sexual relationships?

    Of course yes. INTIMAX is compatible with the use of condoms. It has a very nice texture that facilitates penetration and makes sex easier and more pleasant. In addition, INTIMAX contains allantoin (substance that has made the snail slime so popular) thanks to which, INTIMAX moisturizes, provides vaginal comfort especially during menopause and puerperium and relieves itching and vulvar dryness.