Medical silicone menstrual cup

Forget the rule for 10-12 hours straight!

Size S

copa ,menstrual pelvicup

For women under 25 years of age and / or who have not had vaginal deliveries. Moderate flow.

19,90 Euros

Size L

copa ,menstrual pelvicup

For women older than 25 years and / or who have had vaginal births. Abundant flow

19,90 Euros

Why is it worth forgetting tampons and pads?

Offers total protection for 10-12 hours
Protects vaginal flora (picks up menstrual flow instead of absorbing it like tampons do)
It is a much more economic solution, (A single investment)
It is a reusable and ecological menstrual cup
It offers maximum comfort
Protects from Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)
It is ideal if you have abundant flow

How is Pelvicup used?

Pelvicup is very easy to use. We recommend folding the cup longitudinally, forming a U with the edges, as shown in Figure 1. Another option is to fold the cup by sinking one of the sides of the edge towards the inside, as shown in Figure 2. Insert into the vagina making sure that the The cup is completely open and with the extraction handle without protruding from the vagina as shown in Figure 3.

copa menstrual
Figure 1
copa menstrual
Figure 2
copa menstrual
Figure 3